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I was unsure as to how I should go about making the “about me” page. I could start off saying “Hello my name is Alyssa…” and then leaving you the number to the “I’m-So-Bored Hotline” but I thought I’d spare you from boredom and somehow make my boring biography seem at least a tad bit interesting.

I’ll start out with a basic greeting:
Hello my name is Alyssa and I come in peace… I promise.

There are two forms of art that I have been passionate about my entire life: fashion and writing.

Be it a fairy princess, professional sports player, astronaut, power ranger, us children (according to unwritten laws) are required to have some sort of dream. My dream is to work for a fashion magazine. I could tell you my plan of starting as an intern while attending a college in NYC and slowly working my way up the magazine ladder, but then I’d have to once again provide you with the number to the “I’m-So-Bored Hotline”.

Instead, I’ll tell you my dream in a nutshell:

Along with thousands of others around the world, my dream is to be an editor or director of a fashion magazine. 

Rapid Fire Facts:
I'm 17
I live on the east coast of the United States
For more information about me, please check out this post about the ABCs of my life
I hope I didn’t bore you to tears (see number for hotline) and I hope that you stick around and follow my blog!

If you have in questions/ comments/ feedback/ criticism/ praise, please feel free to shoot me an email at bellalurosa@yahoo.com or elitedreamer21@gmail.com

I will be sure to respond to each and every email! 

Love Always,

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