Vintage Style: 1920s Flappers

History Repeats Itself

The roaring 20s inspires this look! From the infamous Al Capone to the notorious flappers, the 1920s was all about rebellion. This was during prohibition when women started rebelling against the way that woman were supposed to act during that time period. One major example of that was the rising hemline. The 20s are sexy, rebellious, elegant and risqué and that is what inspired this outfit. The bright red seductive lipstick along with a 20s inspired dress, lace heels and the classic fur coat could be considered the typical "flapper" look. 

Miu Miu feather coat
$3,940 - net-a-porter.com

Lydia Feather Skirt Tank Dress
$550 - aliceandolivia.com

Valentino high heels
$1,295 - nordstrom.com

Ellis Faas lip makeup
£22 - liberty.co.uk

$25 - lancome-usa.com

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