About This Blog

Bella Lu Rosa is a fashion blog I created as an outlet for fashion and creativity. 

BLR features personal style posts, how-to-style and what-to-wear advice, trend alerts and even, (more recently) fictional short stories!

More about the "fictional short stories" part: In my outfit posts, instead of talking about my boring day I will post a fictional short story. Hence, the new tagline "Fashion and Fiction". Writing is my passion and you can read more about that on my "about me" page. 

Bella Lu Rosa was named after my two beautiful grandmothers Lucille (MaMa Lu) and Rosemarie (MomMom Rose). They are both 100% Italian and "bella" means "beautiful" in Italian. Ergo, the name Bella Lu Rosa.

Follow my blog (on the sidebar there are different ways to follow it) if you like what you see because I promise you will see more! Watch Bella Lu Rosa grow while I grow as a writer and a blogger by following!

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