Coachella 2012 Trends

Coachella 2012 Trends
As you probably know, I had the pleasure of attending the one and only Coachella (music festival in California)! Not only is Coachella famous for the bands and singers it hosts, Coachella is also famous for fashion.

While casually strolling the festival grounds, searching for a new stage to visit, I had the pleasure of observing countless outfits. There were some that were amazing, and some... not so great. The ones that were amazing, completely blew me away! I wish my phone hadn't died so I could snap a picture.  I did however take mental notes about what was trending at Coachella and I shared with you my favorites!

High Waisted Cut Offs: These shorts are perfect for summer  whether its at the beach, at a festival or around the house. From studs to colored, these shorts will edge up an outfit in an instant!

Lace Shorts: I saw plenty of lace shorts to last me a lifetime so it is good that I adore this trend. They are so delicate and feminine; extremely different from the high waisted cut offs but how could you not love them?

Fringe: I saw fringe shorts, fringe shirts, fringe handbags, etc... I wouldn't normally wear this on a daily basis, however if I were to ever attend a music festival anytime soon I wouldn't think twice about packing something fringed! Depending on how you style it, it can be edgy, boho or even hipster.

Bralette: If I had to describe this trend I would say that it looks like a camisole and a bra had a child... Weird, but, true. There were many of these style shirts at Coachella and if the wearer doesn't style this shirt right, then it gives off a completely unwanted, unflattering and unladylike vibe! This isn't something I recommend wearing to family brunch, church, or while "meeting the parents" of a boyfriend.

Feather Earrings: I used not not like this trend because it was too closely related to the feather hair extensions which I was NOT fan of, but now that the feather hair phase is over, I can adore feather earrings:)

I saved the best for last... SHOES:

Dr Martens: Doc Martens are such iconic shoes and have been for years. I remember reading my Teen Vogue magazine when I was in 7th grade thinking "Why on earth would anyone wear these things", this year I grew a love for combat boots, especially Dr Martens. While I don't own a pair of Dr Martens, I do own combat boots and I could wear them more often. Dr Martens bring such an edgy vibe to different looks and I love that about them.

Toms: Similar to Doc Martens, I used to think Toms shoes were quite weird and I vowed to never wear them. I broke that vow the day I was strolling through the mall and saw a pair of Toms shoes. I tried them on and although they don't look it, Toms shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! I plan to buy myself another pair in black. I didn't bring my Toms to Coachella but there was a lot of these shoes there, on men and women.

Converse: These shoes have been around for decades and I love them. I didn't bring them to Coachella due to the fact that they are white, but I saw many pairs of Converse there. I saw more of the high tops then low tops and I prefer the low tops personally but when a person styled them right at Coachella, I liked the high tops on them.

Ankle Booties: This is a huge spring trend that was mostly occupying the west coast, I haven't seen much of these on the east coast yet but maybe soon! These shoes were popular among different fashionistas at Coachella and I noticed them styled a few different ways. They were part of edgy outfits as well as feminine and hipster outfits so these shoes are very versatile. I will not be buying myself a pair of these, but admiring from a distance is alright:)

Like I said, these weren't the only Coachella trends, just the ones that I loved and thought were worth mentioning!

Denim top
£50 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Miss Selfridge fringe t shirt
$42 - missselfridge.com

Fringe top
$25 - alloy.com

Pink top
£25 - arkclothing.com

Pink top
£20 - arkclothing.com

RED Valentino scalloped shorts
£239 - farfetch.com

Obesity and Speed pink shorts
$138 - idontlikemondays.us

One Teaspoon denim short shorts
€80 - welikefashion.com

Lace shorts
$48 - stylebymarina.com

Lace shorts
€35 - nelly.com

Modern vintage boots
244 CAD - dealuxe.ca

Dr. Martens glitter booties
$190 - infinityshoes.com

Converse shoes
£45 - kurtgeiger.com

TOMS slip on shoes
£36 - farfetch.com

Zad jewelry
$22 - swell.com

Feather jewelry
$10 - jcpenney.com

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