Coachella Music Festival

Although this isn't exactly fashion related, I wanted to share some insight on the annual music festival held in Indio, California called Coachella. Coachella is a three day music festival and because there is such a high demand of tickets for Coachella, there are two different weekends that it is held. It features different indie rock bands that are either well known or up and coming (the artists vary each year).  Here is a list of the 2012 performers!

As you can see there are many different artists so unfortunately it is impossible to see every single artist on that list. One thing that is recommended (I still have yet to do this haha) is to map out who you're going to see each day so you have a plan. Florence and the Machine is definitely the number one performance I want to see! The festival starts at 11am each day and ends after midnight each night! I'll post a link below of Coachella 2010 that shows the whole festival in a time-lapse (its so cool).


You probably noticed this in the video but when you go to Coachella you camp. My sister and I are doing car camping which is where you camp in a tent right next to your car (pretty self explanatory) and I am NOT the camping type so this will be interesting. I'm sure that there will be other cars that will continue their "party" for the rest of the night, being loud and obnoxious. Showers are offered but from what I've been told, unless you're in VIP camping, then the line for showers is super long and most people end up paying $20 to shower in the VIP spot. Knowing this, I came up with a list of things to bring that will make the camping experience better.


Ear plugs (to drain out the obnoxious partiers when I'm trying to sleep)

Baby wipes (just in case I can't get a shower that day)

Dry shampoo (same reason as above)

Hand sanitizer (there will only be port-a-pottys there)

Duct tape (you never know if you'll need it for camping or anything. My Pop Pop Bill always told me that duct tape fixes everything, he's the smartest man in the world you know (or so he likes to think) :)

Deodorant (for obvious reasons)

Travel sized shampoo and conditioner (2 in 1 does not work with my hair so I need both)

Makeup removing towelettes (I'm sure there will be no sinks to remove my makeup before bed)

Sun tan lotion (the festival is in the desert so this is a basic need)

Mini first aid kit (advil, band aids, womanly products, etc)

Car charger

~these aren't the only things needed but these are pretty important!

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