My Favorite Ombre Finds!

Favorite Ombre Finds

Ombre is HUGE this season and it is a trend that I personally love! Here are a few of my favorite ombre finds. I created this set using polyvore.com so make sure to check out my other sets at: http://bellalurosa.polyvore.com/

First, what is this "ombre" word? A name for a latino man? Close, thats hombre. Ombre refers to the graduation of color in clothing, or in anything really. Notice how the ombre trend can be found in nails, hair, and clothing and accessories. 

Ombre can have an extreme difference, for example the yellow necklace, the scarf and the denim shirt. Or an item can have more of a gradual ombre effect like both pairs of shorts. The ombre effect doesn't have to be in just one color family, the tank top is a great example of that! There are so many different ways to sport this trend and these are just a few. I personally am loving the pants and both pairs of shorts! 

Have you tried the ombre look yet? Leave a comment below if you have or if you found any other great ombre pieces.


  1. super great things! i haven't tried the ombre look yet because i haven't found things that suit me :D

    Pudding Monster

  2. Oh my! The sheer blouse and the nails have to be my favorite! I actually have tried ombre...in my hair haha. That was a year ago but I had to cut it since I was starting to get split ends :(. This is a nice post, I'll definitely be getting back into ombre things soon!

    Would you like to follow each others blog on blogspot via GFC? I would love that :)

  3. the herve leger dress is the best!!


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