Back to School: Fabulous Flats For Fall

Fabulous Flats For Fall

My high school has three floors and in order to get from floor to floor, you must walk up two flights of steps. That may not seem like much, but if you wear heels, it is. I have seen my fair share of girls struggle up the crowded staircases in their brave attempt of successfully sporting heels at school; it doesn't work out too well for them. That is the exact reason why I choose to wear some form of flats to school. If your school is anything like mine, then flats are always the better option.

There are many styles of shoes without a heel (boots, tennis shoes, etc) but for this post I am focusing on ballet flats. When shopping for ballet flats there are a few things I keep in mind: comfort and color. Since the sole is extremely flat, a lot of times it is hard to find a pair of comfortable ones. So, while I'm browsing the shoe department I squish the shoes. I know that sounds weird, but if I see a pair of flats that I like, before trying them on I see if there is any kind of support by pressing on the bottom. If there is some form of padding or support, then I will try them on. No matter how cute the shoes are, if it feels like they have a brick sole, then I don't want to wear them.

*Shopping Tip* Comfortable flats will sometimes be more expensive than flats without support. A pair of $50 flats may be more expensive than $10 flats, but they may also be more comfortable and they will  probably last longer. This isn't true for every pair of shoe, it is just something to keep in mind.

The next thing I look for in flats is color. I personally prefer to buy neutral color flats, but colorful flats can add character to any outfit. Neutral color flats aren't always boring though; metallic gold, or embellished black flats add just as much character as bright magenta flats.

However, I will buy a cheap pair of colorful flats. Why? I will get less wear out of a pair of bright neon pink flats compared to a pair of black flats, so it isn't worth the investment because I won't be wearing them as much. That, my friends, is called CPW: cost per wear. To learn more about CPW and other shopping tips, look for my previous post.

Fabulous Flats For Fall by bellalurosa


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