My Fall 2012 Wish List

Wish List

1: Romwe: I really like this oversized sweater because it is comfy and it is a neutral color so I can wear it with a lot.
2: Derek Lam: This shirt is a trend-two-in-one because of the leather trend and the peplum trend. I would wear a statement necklace with this top.
3: Madewell: I love this top because, well, who doesn't love bicycles? This is a fun and youthful top.

1: Louis Vuitton: I've had my eye on this bag for awhile. I like the sleek design and the mint green color.
2: Proenza Schouler: I have had my eye on this bag for a while as well and I love this one even more. I couldn't pick just one color that was my favorite so I chose a color trend of this season: cobalt blue. I love the style of the bag and was first introduced to it on The Blonde Salad. If everything was free, I would own this bag in every color.
3: H&M: This is probably the least expensive item on this whole list but I love the studded accent so I had to include this bag!

1: Christian Louboutin: *Going back to my 7th grade year when everyone wore high top Nikes.* High tops sure have developed since then and I love these studded kicks.
2: Stella McCartney: I saw these on Net-a-Porter and instantly fell in love with the glitter and then I noticed the black accent and fell in love all over again.
3: Yves Saint Laurent: Not only do I love the ruby red, but the gold toe adds an element of *BAM* to the shoe.

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