Hello Homecoming

My Dream Homecoming

Homecoming is rapidly approaching and I don't know whether to jump up and down with excitement or crawl into a corner and cry. While I love the "getting dressed up, looking pretty and taking photos with friends" part, I do not like the "overcrowded dance floor, sweaty dance partners, and aching legs from dancing" part. It is so much fun to look like a New York Socialite for 30 minutes before the dance starts, but once everyone starts dancing, it just goes down from there. I always say that we go into the dance looking like a million bucks and we come out looking like one dollar.

My homecoming experiences have not been the greatest. Let me outline for you my second homecoming dance:

  • I arrive with friends a bit too early and everyone is awkwardly standing around.
  • 10 minutes later the dance floor is "popping". By this point, every girl has taken off their heels and are stepping on the dirty floor. 
  • Most of my friends are dancing with guys, and I awkwardly dance and fake laugh with another friend who also isn't dancing with a guy, trying to make it seem like I'm having a blast. 
  • I finally find a guy to dance with, who is about two inches shorter than me. 
  • The guy that I have a crush on is dancing with another girl.
  • The guy that I have a crush on comes over to dance with me.
  • I embarrass myself with my awkward, rhythm-lacking, dance moves.
  • The guy goes to "get a drink", but dances with a different girl instead.
  • I am back to dancing/ fake laughing with another guy-less friend.
  • The DJ announces that it is time for the slow dance and I book it out of there because I am single and I have no one to slow dance with. I told you, my love life is like the Titanic: at the bottom of the ocean. 
  • I leave with my friends and we go eat ice cream.
As you can tell, my homecoming experiences haven't exactly been "the bee's knees", so I put together a "dream" homecoming wish list, type thing. 

1. Notte by Marchesa dress. I absolutely love the color of this dress. The style of it just adds to the regality of the dress. This dress totals about $1,070 on stylebop.com.

2. Alexander McQueen clutch. Who doesn't love Alexander McQueen's designs? The roses add such a feminine and romantic touch to the look. This clutch is $3,425 on net-a-porter.com.

3. Dannijo earrings. I think that these earrings alone add so much character and elegance to the outfit. They are tiny, but the provide the outfit with a big statement. $295 on dannijo.com

4. Jimmy Choo heels. I use these heels in so many of my Polyvore sets. Because they are nude, they can go with basically anything. The embellishments gives the outfit a hit of Hollywood glamour. $2,120 on farfetch.com

5. Date: Ryan Reynolds. Speaking of Hollywood, my dream date would be the one and only Ryan Reynolds. He is McDreamy, McSteamy, McFunny and McPerfect all in one. 

Yeah, this is definitely my dream homecoming. Though I know that my actual homecoming experience won't even compare with this dream one, I'm sure I will still have some fun.

Make sure to check back to see what I actually wear to homecoming!

Love Always,


ps. What are you wearing to homecoming? I want to hear about your homecoming experience!


  1. This outfit set is perfect, and seriously, who WOULDN'T love Ryan Reynolds as a date? :)

    xx, Veena

  2. Great finds, the shoes are amazing.

    You have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other?



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