Finals Survival Guide

Fashionable Finals

This is my survival guide for finals. I know, it might be a bit late, considering college students had finals before winter break, and most high schools already had their finals last week. My school's schedule was affected by the hurricane earlier this fall, so we are finally ending the first semester. I have two tests to take tomorrow then I can leave school  for the day (it is awesome).

The Kit:

1. Baby Lips by Maybelline. It is winter. It is cold. So, combat chapped lips with chapstick.

2. Essie polish. Because, who doesn't like to look at their beautifully painted and colorful nails while they are taking a test?

3. Pretty Little Liars. After weeks of studying, then hours of test taking, it is nice to have a little R&R. One of my favorite forms of lazy relaxation is catching up on my favorite TV series.

4. Tea. It is a great stress reliever, so I definitely will be drinking some before I take my tests.

5. A comfy/ cute outfit. Still want to look fashionable while wearing sweats and not look like a bum? Try an outfit like this. No need for overly baggy sweats, or overly tight yoga pants, both with a huge "Pink" logo on them. These sweatpants are still chic. Now is also the ideal time to take advantage of the "statement sweater" trend!

I hope everyone's finals went well, and I hope that I don't pull out my hair as I continue to study.

ps. I will have an upcoming DIY as to how you can make your own statement sweater.


  1. loveee those sweats! i just had midterm and wore sweatpants with a hoodie everyday. totally not fashionably appropriate but comfort took priority.



    1. Exactly! There is nothing worse than sitting through a 2hr long final in jeans. Whats worse is the SATs. Not even sweats can make the 4.5hr SAT bearable. :(

  2. Love this post! I need to own everything here haha. I love Pretty Little Liars - SO addictive!




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