Birthday Wishlist


As my seventeenth birthday (yikes) rapidly approaches, I cannot help myself from making birthday wish lists. For the most part my brain is stuck in summer and remain there until the end of September, but these pieces can all be
easily transitioned into my fall wardrobe.

1. Maje Curd... I have yet to indulge in this summer's stripe trend, and I figured that it's time that I do.

2. Kenzo... I recently discovered Kenzo, and I am glad I did. The animal inspired pieces in the SS 2013 collection really spoke, or rather, roared to me. These printed pants are the perfect wild piece to add to my closet.

3. Oscar de la Renta... Graphic peplum? Yes please. My eyes cannot help but feel happy when looking at this.

4. Rebecca Minkoff... An extreme amount of fashion bloggers own a Mini Mac? Truth. Have they tired these Mini Macs out? Not in my eyes. This bag, despite the number of people that own it, is a piece that can be worn with anything but isn't boring or bland.

5. Saint Laurent... It still feels strange nixing the "Yves" part. Anyways, what can I say? I love making my wrists look fabulous and this piece will help.

6. Acne... Once again another item I have yet to purchase, but have been meaning to since forever. Booties, I love them.

7. Zara... These shorts scream "unique" and that is what I love most about them. Their generally neutral and natural colors are a plus too.

Will I get these items for my birthday? Most likely not. But, hey, a gal can dream right? (Um, did I just say gal?)

If I could choose just one item out of the seven to receive as a gift, it would have to be the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. I like miniature things. But really, I just like  love it.

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  2. Loving the Kenzo pants and Zara shorts - so pretty. I did something similar to this on my blog, only it was a beauty wishlist and for no other reason than it's August and I want things haha Love your blog, it's really nicely put together and the photos are beautiful. Keep up the good work :) x




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