Fairytale Wish List: College Edition

Today I officially registered for my college courses. For the curious and nosey (don’t worry, I’m a nosey person too) minds out there I am taking Theology, Art History, English, Italian, and Political Science: American Government and Politics. I thought orientation made me ready for college, but this definitely triumphs. I’m at the point of the summer when I’m bummed its over because it means endless summer nights spent with friends doing absolutely nothing are officially over, but I’m also ecstatic because I am starting a whole new chapter in my life.

My four years of high school consisted of obscene amounts of character development for me. Starting out as a na├»ve freshman I spent the next four years realizing my values and my beliefs, and finding my voice. Looking back at the girl I was to the woman I became is unbelievable. I don’t consider myself a perfect character though. I still have my flaws and I’m certain I always will. 

With the big transition from high school to college coming up, I’ve found myself in need of a state of mind transition. No longer am I the only child from the suburbs. Now I am being thrown into a dormitory with community bathrooms and a roommate. Another transition I’d like to make is a fashion one. In high school I’ve always been apprehensive about wearing certain outfits and experimenting with certain trends. College is my time to start new, start fresh. If I had unlimited money to spend, these are a few items I'd buy for college.

College Wants

1.     This Kenzo sweatshirt is perfect for when the temperature starts dropping. Its warm, effortless and comfortable without sacrificing style.
2.     Because I’ll be carrying around heavy books, notebooks, and my laptop almost everywhere I go, this backpack is perfect. Also, backpacks eliminate the shoulder pain that comes with satchels.
3.     When the temperature drops even more, this Burberry cape will be extra warm. The muted colors are perfect for winter, and to me, warm capes are the acceptable alternative to wrapping fuzzy blankets around myself.
4.     One of my latest style obsessions are kimonos. They are perfect for layering when its not cold enough for a cardigan. I love the mixture of turquois and emerald green in this Anna Sui kimono.
5.     These Dolce Vita booties are perfect for fall and can be worn with almost anything. The height is semi-reasonable for walking around campus, and the thick heel doesn't hurt either.
6.    Never thought I'd say this but I’m giving into the “wear Nike sneakers with anything” trend. Waking up late for class every once in a while is inevitable, so these black Nikes are perfect for the days when I have to sprint across campus to make it to class.

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