Sweet '16

Some of us waltzed into the new year, while some of us stumbled. Despite how we entered 2016- whether gracefully put together, or a disheveled mess from the misfortunes of 2015- one thing we all have in common is the inevitable list we have saved on our smartphones, in our brains, or in a little notebook: New Years Resolutions.

Let's be real: every other year I gave up on my resolutions shortly after I made them. This year I tried making my resolutions more sustainable by figuring out why I am resolving to do these things.
Twenty-Sixteen will be the year I focus on health and happiness by making it a priority to incorporate these small little goals into my life.

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1. Exercise more: This year I will not be exercising more to achieve the perfect "bikini bod" by May. This has been my goal in past years, and it is hard to keep up with and it is easy to lose sight of. Instead, I am exercising for health and happiness. As Elle Woods once said, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy."

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2. Spend more time with friends and family: I grew up as an only child, so alone time is something I enjoy and value. This year, rather than relaxing alone, I will spend more time with my friends and family as it is just as effective for relieving stress, relaxing, and having fun. 

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3. Do something everyday future Alyssa will thank me for: Whether it's applying for an internship, studying for a test, or even just taking my makeup off before bed-- I will strive to do something future me will thank me for. It doesn't matter if it's short term or long term.
4. Read more: When faced with upwards of 50 pages of textbook reading for various classes each night, it's quite easy to lose the motivation to read for fun. I want to remember the joy I used to feel from reading what I choose to read.

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5. Spend less money: My roommates can tell you, my parents can tell you, and the barista at Starbucks who memorized my order can tell you: I have a spending problem. In 2016, I want to budget my money appropriately, and perhaps even follow the 80/20 rule of saving and spending. I'll also be utilizing a budgeting app like Mint. As my mom stresses, it is important I learn how to save now so I don't hurt myself in the future.

6. Brew my own coffee: I thrive on coffee-- my debit card statements can prove that. Corresponding with my above goal, I want to save the money I'd spend on coffee everyday by brewing my own coffee every morning (and mid-morning, and afternoon, and nighttime). (This is just one of the ways I plan on saving money. Most of my money goes towards caffeine so I thought it was important to include.)

7. Take more day trips to Philly (and surrounding areas): Saint Joe's is 0.2 seconds away from Philly, so I'm not exactly sure why my friends and I don't take advantage of all the city has to offer. Museums, cafes, concerts, and more: I want to start seeing it all this year. It's amazing how far a train ticket and $10 can take you in Philly.

8. Drink more water: This one's for my parents (looking at you, Dad). Apparently it's good for you or something?

9. Don't procrastinate: I should win an award for procrastinating because I'm really good at it. Why would I write a paper little by little of the course of a week when I can write it all starting at 9pm the night before it's due and still get the same grade on it? Less procrastination = less stress, less late nights, less tired eyes the next day.

10. Stop trying to be perfect: I'm guilty of trying to be perfect and trying to do it all, which in turn puts a lot of unnecessary stress on myself. I want to plan my life 10 years in advance (I wish I was kidding). Some planning is definitely necessary, but perhaps my idea of planning is overkill. It's stressful to think if I don't get a 100% in every class, if I'm not the president of three clubs, and if I don't land a cool internship then I'll never reach my career goals. Those are not positive thoughts to have.

Have a sweet 2016! 



  1. I definitely like your number 2 as long as it includes Uncle Al and me. I, too, want to spend more time with family. I see most of my friends everyday, but not my family. I don't count Uncle Al. haha Whichever resolutions you end up keeping, you will still be an amazing young woman with her head on straight ready to take on the world. Love you lots, Aunt Carol

    1. Thank you so much! Resolution number two definitely includes you guys. Love you!

  2. Such a nice article! It looks like your 2016 will be fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much, Barbie! I hope your 2016 will be amazing as well :)


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